Hi my name is Hazel and I am applying for the TOPS MST program at Marc Garneau CI (SATEC at W. A. Porter CI is my alternate choice). I want to go there because I love science, technology and math. In my video I have my robot that my dad and I made together. It is doing some movements and dancing with 2 of my other robots that I made behind it. 

In order for my robot to move, I have to create code on my ipad.

At school, I love to code the Mbots. I've been a loyal member of the STEM club at Windfields MS since last year. This year in the STEM club I am a part of an initiative to create a course for grade 6 and 7’s for coding the robots.I am also very enthusiastic about learning no matter what the subject.

This is a video of my robot.

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